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The good news for this Fall 2016 Hair Styles are the options available, and since no single category of hair type has been left out of the mix – it has provided a myriad of choices for your personal preference and hair type. No hard rules (which most of us by now don’t care to listen to anyway) just great choices.  The big word is EASY and NATURAL and hair accessories add even more uniqueness to all the options. I’ve seen tight curls and easy waves , blunt cuts, deep 30’s-style side parts, middle parts, interesting buns, ponytails, and shaggy, face-framing layers - all in varying lengths from the chin to mid-back.  A plethora of antique ornaments and ribbon-like material adds hints of elegance, tying the hair partially or in a full sweep; and low head ponytails or chignons are also another option. Creative ways to pin messy buns also add a feminine and convenient alternative.

I have chosen the styles shown in this blog with my clients in mind. Please note, although everyt...

The end of Summer comes way too quickly and every year it seems to happen faster and faster in the same way. First, morning light is less brilliant, making those 6am wake up calls more difficult; then, those 9pm sunsets disappear (where did the 5 o'clock daylight walks to the car or train after work go?); and, finally, the 5 pound magazines arrive on your doorstep or in your mailbox, en masse,  like clockwork.  The seasons shift and the wind blows just a little brisker than it did last week.  After all, post Labor Day, Fall, has officially arrived. Clients scramble for hair appointments and, akin to nature, many feel the need for change. Be it color, a new style, a few inches off, a deep conditioning treatment or all of the above, Autumn valiantly proves, Spring isn't the only time for change and rebirth. This is why I have decided to cover these very specific topics in a weekly three part series.

First, I will talk about the newest color trends; having carefully selected a ha...

If you are are blessed with frizz free hair this post is not for you. For many of us battling with frizz and what to do or use on our hair is a daily dilema for us.

There are two approaches , prevention and post-frizz fix.



Wash infrequently. Try every other day for fine or oily hair and twice a week for dry hair. Use a smoothing, sulfate-free shampoo, which won't strip away the oils your scalp naturally produces to curb frizz. You can still condition on days when you don't shampoo. I know its hard for people that are used to washing every day but try it.


  If your hair texture is medium to thick, wash and condition your hair as usual. Then, while your hair is saturated with conditioner, detangle it with a wide-tooth comb but don't rinse it fully, let the remaining conditioner serve as a leave-in, suggests Kosia Asiamah at Yoni Kreger Salon. It will seal the hair's cuticle, preventing moisture in the air from being absorbed and puffing up the strands.


Smoothing treatments...

 Trends come and go, but it looks like gradient beautiful natural  hair is here to stay. Over the past few seasons, we’ve transitioned from foil highlights and solid all-over color to softer and more natural looking hair color.


These days, the look is sun-kissed, grown out and slightly unkempt. The slow-fade styles add depth, dimension and you don’t have to be visiting the salon every few weeks for a touch-up.


Then: Ombré Now: Sombré

The demand for dark roots and lighter ends started a few years back, worn by everyone from Sara Jessica Parker , Drew Barrymore and Dree Hemingway. Ombré can feature quite a stark dark-to-light fade – making sombré (“subtle ombré”) a much more nuanced take on the dip-dye trend.

 The worn-in look is perfectly low-maintenance. There’s no need for constant touch-ups due to there being no clear demarcation line or regrowth – making it an economical option, too.

"Ombré means [going] darker at the root and gradually getting lighter at the ends of your hair,"  "The...

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March 2, 2016

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