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Best Trends in Hair Color Fall 2016.

The end of Summer comes way too quickly and every year it seems to happen faster and faster in the same way. First, morning light is less brilliant, making those 6am wake up calls more difficult; then, those 9pm sunsets disappear (where did the 5 o'clock daylight walks to the car or train after work go?); and, finally, the 5 pound magazines arrive on your doorstep or in your mailbox, en masse, like clockwork. The seasons shift and the wind blows just a little brisker than it did last week. After all, post Labor Day, Fall, has officially arrived. Clients scramble for hair appointments and, akin to nature, many feel the need for change. Be it color, a new style, a few inches off, a deep conditioning treatment or all of the above, Autumn valiantly proves, Spring isn't the only time for change and rebirth. This is why I have decided to cover these very specific topics in a weekly three part series.

First, I will talk about the newest color trends; having carefully selected a handful of looks-only showing you the most recent, the most exciting and, simultaneously, the most wearable. Choose one that speaks to your personal style and let's explore together how it translates to your hair type, style, skin, and lifestyle.

The second post will be about style and cut. I will spend time studying new techniques during the summer months preparing to execute the hair you have seen on fashion runways, on celebrities and red carpets, on friends or the streets of New York. You may be ready for a change or a simple upkeep trim to bring to life an already adored style.

The third, and last installation will focus on conditioning treatments. Hair needs to be loved after the sun, heat, hats, pools and beaches and sweat of Summer. Hair care begins in the home and is maintained in the salon with conditioning treatments after and in between color and/or haircuts. We will explore new technology with improved results for your type hair so we can triage your end of summer locks and provide you with the foundations to hair care.

So, as we move into the cooler months and warmer tones, let's begin with our color trends and see what leaves you raking for more. I truly hope you enjoy viewing these finds as much as I loved finding them for you! I thank Cosmopolitan and the many actresses, celebrities, photographers and various outlets that made it possible to share these photos with you. As we move through the season, I will be posting makeovers and updates on clients via video, photos or both.

As your guide through the turn of season hair trends, I am here to help make the transition as seamless and stress free as possible. To achieve your best look, a complimentary consultation is available with me at your convenience. This is a no obligation consultation. Just give us a call, stop by for complimentary tea or coffee and let’s talk. I work flexible hours to fit your schedule. Use code #realhairconsult15 or email me @


Fall light will sparkle and flatter paler skin tones with hints of strawberry and blond tones on a chestnut brown base. By adding a high gloss sheen, the third layer transforms this once subtle shade of brown into a multi-dimensional cascade of locks.


Just as the name suggests, think brown base, with blonde highlights. However, this is not the chocolate and yellow tones we know so well from years past. This blonde has a hint of caramel and a natural touch giving your sun kissed locks a naturally grown out look. Beware, this is not a technique recommended for at home applications.


In fashion, pink is a girl's best friend, and hair is no exception. Blondes can add a bit of flirty-ness with a semi permanent conditioning rinse or darker haired ladies can put a hint of pink to your color mix bring a freshness and a playful look to your hair for fall.


If you're looking for something fun and new in color, yet, like so many of us, need to have a ready-to-wear-to-work style, I suggest creating a Ombre with some flattering shades by using your natural tone as a root color and an easy gradation from the midpoint to near the ends. Keep a low profile and pair this with a neat style and you will turn heads with a daring, but not over the top, look.


This is one of my favorites for fall. Ultra chic and low key this unexpected grey ombre is flattering on dark to very dark brown hair. Works on long or short hair-and any age. I really could not stop looking at a 30-something with this opaque gradient of grey and her bob. Subtlety meets chic and bold.


Having trouble letting go of Summer but ready for Fall looks? Bring a little leftover Summer into Autumn by adding a bit of lightness to the ends of rich, velvet tones. Highlights near the ends of the hair will brighten darker hair for the start of fall. Varying shades of lighter tones help to provide that subtle transition from chocolate tones to golden hues that will only flatter the face and style.

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