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HairStyles Ideas For Fall 2016.

The good news for this Fall 2016 Hair Styles are the options available, and since no single category of hair type has been left out of the mix – it has provided a myriad of choices for your personal preference and hair type. No hard rules (which most of us by now don’t care to listen to anyway) just great choices. The big word is EASY and NATURAL and hair accessories add even more uniqueness to all the options. I’ve seen tight curls and easy waves , blunt cuts, deep 30’s-style side parts, middle parts, interesting buns, ponytails, and shaggy, face-framing layers - all in varying lengths from the chin to mid-back. A plethora of antique ornaments and ribbon-like material adds hints of elegance, tying the hair partially or in a full sweep; and low head ponytails or chignons are also another option. Creative ways to pin messy buns also add a feminine and convenient alternative.

I have chosen the styles shown in this blog with my clients in mind. Please note, although everything looks easy and carefree, making things look like you did not FUSS is an art form. There is a fine line between great and messy. I offer my consultations to steer you to the right choices - I will help you pick something new (guarantee to make you feel good) and we will make it work for your life and hair type (use #realhairconsult15 for making appointments and get 15% off your service). The styles presented in this blog will get your imagination flowing and provide you with ideas that will make your best feature impossible to ignore and help you feel and look your best.

Thank you Harper’s Bazaar for curating these great styles on these lovely actresses.

Jennifer Lawrence, sexy blunt cut with waves and a generous side part looks good on this wear anywhere look.

Cara Delevingne, simple and easy, one length crop barely touches the shoulders works great for a sexy loose or an up option, and ends get point-cut for softness.

January Jones, this long ‘16 shag, looks easy, with chopped ends, (don’t confuse the word with the pouf of the 80’s.) Pretty on any age group and most hair types.

Chrissy Teigen the blunt cut, but shoulder length with plenty of layers towards the front works well to show off your healthy head of hair minus the heaviness.

Jessica Alba, If your hair texture can handle a one layer cut, add a middle part, and show off your stunning head of hair. The possibilities to change this “do” to fit your lifestyle are endless. Snipping the ends makes it look newer and softer, eliminating the hard lines.

Dakota Johnson long, past-the-shoulder length hair styled with equally long layers and naughty schoolgirl bangs is the fresh new way to wear long hair. A shorter version can is also a sophisticated variation.

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